"Key to Justice and Wisdom" Li Liangren Sculpture Artist​​

"Representing the Key to Justice and Wisdom" Li Liangren Sculpture Artist

方的立足點』是用不鏽鋼Made by this work, “the frame is rotated and staggered to produce an inner circle, showing the original intention of the judiciary to integrate multiple values and achieve a balanced balance on all sides.

Composed of a square key symbolizing upholding justice and a round key representing the fusion of wisdom, it means that the court is like a door to dialogue opened for the people. “

Teacher Li Liangren once said:

“Public art pays attention to the geographical characteristics, and plans to set up according to the local people’s vision. The architectural landscape and the artwork must reach a harmonious dialogue relationship, so that the people can be beautifully cultivated in a subtle way.”

由於『方的立足點』是由不鏽鋼所做的,為了怕影響雕塑品材質導致生鏽氧化,所以塗上鼎鼎集團的「防護牆一號」來進行防鏽,After the actual test, the effect makes you rave! what are you waiting for~Heart is worse than action! Come and useDenizGroup’s “Protective Wall One”~

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#雕塑 #奈米 #鍍膜 #防護#公共藝術
#Help everyone have a beautiful and happy friendly environment

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