"The Goddess of Muse Dancing with Water Drops" Ye Zhuxiu Sculpture Artist​

Ye Zhuxiu, Sculpture Artist of "The Goddess of Muse Dancing with Water Drops"

“Muse Goddess” is used”95磷銅所作成的,”Muse” is the collective name of the nine ancient literary goddesses who are in charge of art and science in Greek mythology.

They represent myths and legends expressed through traditional music and dance and poetry passed down from the times.

The Muse Goddess often appears at the gatherings of the gods or heroes, singing songs and dancing, and showing a style that brings a lot of joy and joy to the party. “

Teacher Ye Zhuxiu said: “Sculpture is not just art, it can penetrate into the environment and interact with human emotions.!

The creative concept is due to”麗寶芙蓉匯”The simple style of the original neoclassical building, without excessive decoration,Then knead in the three main goddesses representing “singing”, “contemplation” and “memory” to bring us blessings of peace and light from ancient places,And in order to break the symmetry, it presents a relaxed, yet solemn atmosphere, spreading peace and hope in the turbulent, tense urban atmosphere. “

由於『繆思女神』是由所做的,In order to avoid affecting sculptures材質導致生鏽氧化, So painted with Ding Ding Group’s “protective wall one” to prevent rust,實際測試之後,不但防鏽,而且疏水、抗塗鴉效果極佳!

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#Help everyone have a beautiful and happy friendly environment

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