"Watching the sky through the river" Hu Dongmin sculpture artist​

"Watching the sky through the river" Hu Dongmin sculpture artist​

Teacher Hu Dongmin said: “The “river” is based on the four main rivers in Taichung City. The four rivers are shaped like a pupa, and are mainly composed of white.It is simple and has a visual effect against the green grass. The internal space is polished by stainless steel to reflect. In terms of creative concept, I hope this artwork does not occupy a space,In addition to the traditional sculpture modeling concept, it is hoped that it can invite people to enter this space and experience the negative space sandwiched by the band-shaped modeling of the four rivers in this internal space atmosphere,When a person enters the main body, it sees the different sky, different grass and different left and right environment through its unique band-shaped visual effect.Use different visual arts to think differently to develop another space for your own thinking. “

“Riverland” is for…Stainless steel, fluorocarbon paintaccomplished,This artwork is planned for the movement of Taichung City Government and the overall space, and is set in the spring landscape park in the Four Seasons Landscape Park;
“Science fiction is portrayed with smooth and beautiful lines, and the direction of the work is given by the shape, symbolizing the new development of the technological process, leading the viewer to think about and discuss the wisdom of technology and the environment.”

due to”The river area is made of stainless steel, in order to avoid rusting and oxidizing the sculpture materialSo paintedDenizThe Group’s “Protection Wall No. 1” is used to prevent rust and make this work more shiny!

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