"The Miniature of the Sky in Hsinchu Science Park" Teacher Hu Dongmin​​

"The Miniature of the Sky in Hsinchu Science Park" Teacher Hu Dongmin

“Senro Vientiane” is a work of art in which the “egg-shaped space is like a miniature of the whole sky, like a celestial sphere.People enter the work through different perspectives, just like the culture from all over the world gathers in the bamboo branch, for which to inject a steady flow of vitality and a bright vision for future life;Stone emerged from the ground like a sprout, and was extended to the large amount of resources contained in the earth. Through human creation and pondering, it became the cornerstone of economic development. “

Hu DongminThe teacher interprets the unique vocabulary belonging to his sculpture through the microscopic view of nature. Senro Vientiane represents the source of all things,Embracing the hearts of all rivers and seas, taking its natural, diverse, infinite, and inclusive elements, with a pure character unique to a single medium,In order to explain the subtle communication and visual connotation presented during it, more fully reflect the concept and breath conveyed.

由於『Vientiane』是由Stainless steel, paintWhat I did, in order to avoid affecting the sculpture materialRust oxidation,So painted with Ding Ding Group’s「Protection“No. 1” is used to prevent rust, making this work more shiny and moving!

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