"Stainless Steel Wings" Teacher Yang Fengchen​​

"Stainless Steel Wings" Teacher Yang Fengchen​​

Teacher Yang Fengchen’s perseverance and enthusiasm for artistic creation has continued to increase for more than 30 years. The works range from laser light sculpture to sculpture to landscape art.However, in the face of changes in a pluralistic society, he used a simplest way to interpret this great world in a minimalist way.

Teacher Yang Fengchen said: “Because human beings are born, we enter the infinite complexity from the simplest, and because of the endless complexity, we lose the simplest feeling.The most intuitive origin! But the principle of simplicity and return to the original point is to remove unnecessary complexity, and the simplest things can clearly describe the key points. “

due to『Wind Wing』Is made of stainless steel,in order toFear of affecting the material of sculptures and causing rust oxidationSo paintedDenizThe Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” is used to prevent rust. After the actual test, the effect is excellent!

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