"Modern Stone Swordman" Liu Baicun Sculpture Artist​

"Modern Stone Swordman" Liu Baicun Sculpture Artist​

“Swordman” is usedStainless steel, cementDone,The work captures the deep human body symbols as an entry point for interpreting performance:A piece of body image condensation, an incomplete form of construction attributes, it may be derived from the relics left by ancient sculptures.

This broken shape is regarded as a fossil. In addition to directly showing the relationship with the space, it also melts and welds the metal by the machine.In the layered stacks and structures in the process, the image of the living body is reduced to the sensory energy of the epidermis, causing a chaotic reaction of expansion, contraction and expansion.And the phenomena that can cause turmoil and unrest in order to find food and excavate the various deep meanings and phenomena hidden in the work itself,In order to stimulate the form of the work, various imagination spaces may be generated, and then to strengthen the reflection of the materialized situation of an industrial era and the human body’s reflection.

due to“Swordman” is made of stainless steel and cement. In order to avoid rusting and oxidizing the sculpture materialTherefore, the Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” is used for protection, so that this work is intact!

what are you waiting for~Heart is worse than action! Come and use Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall One”~

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#Help everyone have a beautiful and happy friendly environment

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