"Exhibiting the Beauty of the Earth and Culture" Wu Jianfu Sculpture Artist​

"Exhibiting the Beauty of the Earth and Culture" Wu Jianfu Sculpture Artist

“Beauty of Heaven and Earth”This artwork is for “a new stage of cultural exhibition”. The use of multiple materials to construct the rich humanities and nature of Changhua, showing the vitality of the land.

In the overall composition, the periphery expresses the calmness, simplicity and richness of humanity in an abstract diagonal pattern. The center is constructed in the form of a door,The fresh bright green color, starting from the environment and nature, represents the important agricultural development in Changhua County. Various graphics and symbols are interwoven into a colorful and lively meaning.It symbolizes welcoming all guests, and also brings a visual feast to the art center.

Teacher Wu JianfuPromote art diversity education and the design of space planning artworks,For the application of art media, it continues to innovate and improve its professional skills in art technology.

由於『The beauty of the world is made of ceramic plates, stainless steel, melted glass, mosaics, and metal fluorocarbon paint,due toFear of affecting the material of sculptures, which may lead to rust oxidation, scale,Therefore, the Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” is used for protection, so that this work will look brilliant!

what are you waiting for~Heart is worse than action! Come and use Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall One”~

Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” guarantees that your work will be as beautiful as a fairy!!

#雕塑 #奈米 #鍍膜 #防護#公共藝術
#Help everyone have a beautiful and happy friendly environment

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