"Static Water Ripples" Wu Jianfu Sculpture Artist

“Water”This artwork captures the moment when the water drops fall, the time and the dynamic freezing, the flexible spiral lines gather into a water drop sculpture shape,The graphics of the floor covering spread from the center to form a ripple effect; the space and the picture formed by the work will bring the viewer a halo mood reflection and inspiration experience.

Teacher Wu Jianfu promotes multiple art education and the design of space planning works of art, and continues to innovate and improve his professional skills in the application of art media.

due to『Water』isstainless steelmadeFear of affecting the material of sculptures, which may lead to rust oxidation, scaleSo painted the Ding Ding Group’s “No. 1 protective wall“Protect to make this work bright and beautiful!

what are you waiting for~Heart is worse than action! Come and use Deniz Group’s “Protective Wall One”~

Dingding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” guarantees that your work will make people feel relaxed!

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#Help everyone have a beautiful and happy friendly environment

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