Sea pearls bathed in sunlight" by Lim Shun Lung, Sculpture Artist

Sea pearls bathed in sunlight" by Lim Shun Lung, Sculpture Artist

Sea PearlThe interior is made ofTitanium and fluorocarbon baking paintThis elegant half-circle-shaped shell, made in the seashore of Kijitsu, resembles a big ear, and when the sunlight shines on it, it shows varying shades of light.

Mr. Lin Tianlong, the younger brother of Mr. Lin’s teacher, said, “Artists are most concerned about the ‘face of the work’ and it is important to extend the maintenance time.DenizDefensive wall #1 feature.It’s amazing after use! The most touching thing is,DenizJust like the artists, the group is dedicated and cares about the “face of the work,” which is really commendable.

due toThe exterior was unprotected and was graffitied by tourists.!What a pity!

Perl In order not to affect the material of the sculpture and cause rust and oxidation, the interior is made of titanium and fluorocarbon baking paint.paintDenizThe Group’s “Protective Wall No.1” is rustproof, making it less prone to staining, easy to clean and rustproof, and protecting the work from acid rain, air pollution, bird droppings and other erosion.Keeping the artwork looking new forever~ What are you waiting for~ Act now! Come and use it.DenizThe Group’s “Defensive Wall One~

Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” guarantees that your work will stay as new as ever!!

Is it amazing, amazing??

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#Help everyone have a beautiful and happy friendly environment

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