The Enduring Statues of the Chi Mei Museum," Founder Wen-Long Hsu

The Enduring Statues of the Chi Mei Museum," Founder Wen-Long Hsu

Outdoor piers of the Chi Mei Museum10The statue is made ofmarblesaccomplished

The Chi Mei Museum is the story of Mr. Wen-Long Hsu, the founder of the Chi Mei Group, who, from childhood to old age, has been fulfilling his dream for eight decades.

Founder Hsu often visited the Tainan State Museum of Education when he was young and was deeply moved.We hope to build a museum for the public in the future, so that people can make it their home and come home at any time to enjoy a feast for the soul.

After the plastic materials business had stabilized, he first set up a private collection service and then a foundation, with the support of Chi Mei CorpIn1992The Chi Mei Museum was founded in 1983 and has been operated free of charge in the Chi Mei Jen-Te factory for over twenty years.

In order to present the entire Chimay collection, a new site was found after more than a decade of efforts, and a new Western-style aesthetic building was built, which is now the museum’s appearance.

The founder of the museum has made a wish: this museum will always be there for the public.

The collection of the Chi Mei Museum mainly focuses on Western art, musical instruments, weapons, animal specimens and fossils.In total, about 4,000 items are on display, representing about one-third of the total collection.

Mr HUI Man-lung, Founder, said,Good artifacts should not only be appreciated by oneself, but also shared with others.Acquisition of cultural relics should not only be the taste that you like, but more importantly, the style that the public can enjoy.

dueOutdoor piers of the Chi Mei Museum10His Holiness’ statue is made of marble.,In order not to affect the material of the sculptures, it will cause dirt and oxidation.soCoated with Ding-Ding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” for protection, and it’s still shining like new!

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