A Forest in the Sea of Studies" Hu Dongmin Sculpture Artist

A Forest in the Sea of Studies" Hu Dongmin Sculpture Artist

This artwork is based on the “Full House”.#The Forest of LifeIn order to create a feast for the eyes, a shaped nest envelops the space and combines with crystal glass to design three-dimensional tree branches and birds.

Teacher Hu Dongmin said,The “Rich Flower of Dawn” represents the mysterious primordial power of the forest, hinting at the light of hope at the beginning of life and demonstrating the strong vitality of life. The trees and trees are blossoming and spreading their leaves and energy. Taichung University of Education is not only a place where knowledge is nurtured, but also a place where teachers are trained and new majors are developed to enrich the campus. and diversity.

due『The “Feng Hua Ying Xi” is made of stainless steel lacquer, crystal glass and white granite in order not to affect the material of the sculpture, which may cause rust and oxidation.That’s why we applied Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” for protection to make this piece even more sparkling and attractive!

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