"Into a New World of Thinking and Imagination" by Mr. Roger.

"Into a New World of Thinking and Imagination" by Mr. Roger.

“The Good TurnisMosaic, Stainless SteelMade with “rounded curved lines to create a round and poetic entrance imagery,” this piece is a “perfect example of a work of art.

Mr. Luo felt that the creation of works should be done on the level of thinking, and hoped that the works would give the audience the possibility to think and imagine after entering the space.Therefore, the medium and form are no longer satisfied by a single performance.

He likes to experiment with a variety of possibilities, and his works are closer to the ideas he wants to convey through the interplay of light, sound, material and size.That’s why my teacher thinks that “the work is only a temporary expression for a period of time, and the real intention of the creator is to convey his ideas and thoughts”. .

dueThe Good TurnIt is made of mosaic and stainless steel in order not to affect the material of the sculptures, which may lead to the damage of the sculptures.Rust oxidationSo painted the Deniz Group’s “No. 1 protective wallAfter the actual test, the results were fantastic!

what are you waiting for~Heart is worse than action! Come and use Ding DingGroup’s “Protective Wall One~

Deniz group「No. 1 protective wall」Guaranteed to make your work shine!!!

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