Huang Hao-Te's gift to Chinggou Elementary School" Huang Hao-Te Sculpture Artist

Huang Hao-Te's gift to Chinggou Elementary School" Huang Hao-Te Sculpture Artist

Teacher Hao-de Huang: “I have been involved in the promotion of public art projects for more than 20 years, from organizing, planning, education and promotion, public participation, to creation and implementation… I have a lot of experience.We have long been committed to the promotion of education, not only for children and the general public, but also in the hope of nurturing more talents for public art creation in Taiwan….Whether you’re just interested in art, want to learn more about public art, or have a desire to get involved in creating public art, I’m very much Happy to share my experience!

“Gift” is for…Mosaic, Stone, Stainless SteelaccomplishedThis work was created in a very dynamic school in Yilan County, Chinggou Elementary School.In addition to the public art funding from the new school construction, this public art program also includes public art funding from 12 other schools in Yilan County.From a certain point of view, this public artwork was created as a “gift from many schools to the primary school in Qingguo.

dueGifts” are made of mosaic, stone and stainless steel to avoid rusting and oxidation of the sculptures and absorption of water by the stone.That’s why Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” was applied to prevent rust, and it’s still shining like new!

what are you waiting for~Heart is worse than action! Come and use Ding DingGroup’s “Protective Wall One”~

The “Protective Wall No. 1” from Dinosaur Group promises to be a sight to behold!!!!

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