Inheriting the Spirit of Haisan High School's Yuyu Wing" by Dongmin Hu, Sculpture Artist

Inheriting the Spirit of Haisan High School's Yuyu Wing" by Dongmin Hu, Sculpture Artist

The “Yuyi” represents the spirit of Haisan High School, which is based on the principles of striving for excellence in striving for striving for excellence in education.Young students are safe under the protection of the school.A happy growth and learning is like a bird in a warm nest with full feathers.Starting a new life as we grow stronger.The thick, warm arms of the teachers are like the protective arms of a mother bird.The strong and powerful wings of the young birds protect them from the wind and rain and from external aggression.The meaning of the phrase “metamorphosis and growth, and the spread of wings”.

This work is based onStainless steel forged with white lacquer to create the image of a wing.,結Hexagonal HorseSecco’s gradient shades of lake blue, goose down yellow and cherry red bring out the beauty of feathers.Dazzling feathersThe colour, blue, represents depth and stability, and is a symbol of wisdom.The bright and lively yellow echoes the virtue of benevolence.,The passion and enthusiasm of red means thatThe students are expected to honor themselves with the three virtues of wisdom, benevolence, courage and daring.

dueThe “Yuk Wing” is made of stainless steel lacquer to avoid affecting the material of the sculpture.Rust oxidation as a result of the qualityThat’s why we’ve applied DenizGroup’s No.1 protective wall to get in.Protect and make this work shine!

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