The Fish Dancing with the Light and Shadows of Water" by Guo Guoxiang

The Fish Dancing with the Light and Shadows of Water" by Guo Guoxiang

“Yoran” is forStainless SteelmadeIn this work, “a group of leaf-shaped fish swim forward, emphasizing that family and social cohesion and centripetal force are the cornerstones of happiness and stability.

Guo Guoxiang’s idea of creation is: “A phase arises from the mind; everything is the same; mind and form are in fact two sides of one. Knowing.

Therefore, the teacher hopes to imbue the work with a lively spirituality and expression, as well as a positive, warm and rich emotional nature.

Guo Guoxiang specializes in the use of stainless steel as the medium, using the metal’s luster and reflective properties of light to create different angles or under different light and dark.The appearance of the work dances with light and shadow. To Guo Guoxiang, each creation is both a challenge and a practice, an aphorism that is internalized and enlightened by external perception.

Yoran” is made of stainless steel to avoid rusting and oxidizing the material of the sculpture.Therefore, we applied Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” for rust prevention.,After practical testing, the results are great! What are you waiting for?~心動不如行動!快來使用鼎鼎集團的「防護牆一號」,綠化環境,降低對地球的傷害!!

Dingding Group’s “One Protective Wall” guarantees that your work will become the center of attention.!!

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