『Far Hsiung Inner Lake Clear Sky Tree Stainless Steel Railing』 #Far Hsiung Construction

『Far Hsiung Inner Lake Clear Sky Tree Stainless Steel Railing』 #Far Hsiung Construction

The railing of the Farglory tree is used for…stainless steelThis place is made of three elements: earth, trees and clouds, and the curved exterior wall reflects the aesthetic image of floating clouds in the blue sky.Turning architecture into curves, returning to the most perfect embodiment of nature, building a unique natural rhythm in the heart of Taipei, and the four elements of wind, light, water and green as the theme garden.Combine with nature’s curves. The scaffolding is sprinkled with pearls of light and shadow, allowing the driveway to shimmer and welcome the hosts home in a circle of light and shadow.

The Spanish woven pavilion, located on the central axis of the garden, is surrounded by maples, jiu xiong and Myanmar, creating a unique feast of eastern and western visuals.

The “Fence of Farglory” is made of stainless steel, so that the material of the work will not be affected by rust and oxidation.That’s why applying Dingding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” for protection made a significant difference after real-world testing, and the results were fantastic!

what are you waiting for~Heart is worse than action! Come and use Deniz Group’s “Protective Wall One”~

Deniz Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” guarantees that your artwork will retain its original appearance and will be protected from the wind, sun and rain, and still look as good as new!!!

Isn’t that amazing?

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