"Taipei Yingge Terrace 304 Stainless Steel Fence

"Taipei Yingge Terrace 304 Stainless Steel Fence

Taipei Yingge Terrace Chinese Kilnfirmly rootedIn addition, the company’s philosophy is to integrate the beauty of the past and the present, to coordinate the elements and conditions of the times, and to create a new abundance of porcelain in Taiwan.

Since its establishment in 1983, TEPCO has been upholding the determination to establish its roots in Taiwan, enriching its technological know-how, improving its quality, and improving the quality of its products. Creativity in design, excellence in daily porcelain and display porcelain: constantly working with artists to create color porcelain. In addition, the museum will open its kiln yard to visitors and plan guided tours and painting experience activities to promote and pass down ceramic culture. At the same time, we are actively implementing the cultural industrialization and artisticization of the industry to consolidate the foundation of the century-old industry and to showcase Taiwan’s exquisite craftsmanship and local ceramic culture. To create energy and achieve the brand value that belongs to Taichung and Taiwan.

dueThe railings of the Ying Ge Terrace Chinese Kiln in Taipei are made of “304 stainless steel.”In order not to affect the material of the work and cause rust and oxidation, it is coated with Ding Ding Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” for protection, and the result is superb!

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