A Door of Love and Power #Po Ho Ming Sculpture Artist

A Door of Love and Power #Po Ho Ming Sculpture Artist

The Harmonious Gate is forStainless SteelaccomplishedThis work is made up of the Chinese character for “door”.It is a symbol of harmony between yin and yang and social harmony. Modeling on the leftThe two upward-twisting forces of the right and the left combine to form an elongated love heart at the top of the piece.A new kind of power is born, as if electrodes were touching.

Po Ho-ming: “This series of works is a combination of classical Milano-Carlo and modern Rodin’s so-called ‘two faces’ or ‘four faces’. The concept of is derived from the basic structural principle of sculpture and applied to the abstract expression of modern sculpture Within this form, there is a part of the work that is expressed in the form of rough texture, and.another part of the work that is not. The work is organized in a flat structural manner.

dueThe door is made of stainless steel so as not to affect the material of the sculptures, causing rust and oxidation.That’s why we applied Deniz Group’s “Protective Wall No. 1” to carry outRustproof and still shiny as new!

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