"The River Tamsui in the shadows.

floating reflection of freshwater river" Po Ho Ming sculpture artist

Floating Light on Danshui River #Pu Ho Ming, sculpture artist

Since our teachers have been using our products, they will always ask for our products to be painted on any new artwork.

Rust, scale, and moss attachments are the problems Mr. Pohomin wants to solve.

The work “Floating reflection of Danshui River” is “transformed into a sculpture by the inflection, thickness, pause and setback of calligraphic lines…. The shape of a rounded block. The meandering lines are the image of a river, which begins and ends with the image of a ladle, meaning #drinking water to remember its source. It is constantly rolling like a dragon telling the past, present and future of Danshui River.

The floating Vale is made of “stainless steel” and is coated with DING DING Group’s 9H Liquid Glass No.1 “Wall of Protection”. It not only solves the teacher’s problem, but also prevents rust,water varnish and moss from attaching easily, and is anti-graffiti. !

what are you waiting for~Heart is worse than action! Come and use Ding DingGroup’s “Protective Wall One”~

#sculptures #nano #coating #protection#public art
#Help everyone have a beautiful and happy friendly environment

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