Deniz Newdon

Deniz® Newdon®Anti-Grease Kitchen

You’re tired of taking so long every time.

Time to clean the grease from the kitchen,

But it got greasy again soon after?

If you want.

  • Anti-grease

  • Quick Clean

  • High-tech environmental protection

  • Safe and non-toxic

  • A multifunctional bottle

  • Wide range of uses

  • extremely energy efficient

  • Save Time

  • tidy up

Kitchen grease is hard to remove

A lot of jars and cans.

The drainage area was dirty again after a short time.

Damage to human lungs caused by detergents

Product Description.

Deniz® Newdon® Ceraliv is a high molecular protective film formed on the surface of the object, which has a coating ofWater repellency, stain resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, and antibacterial properties Convenient for you to clean and maintain in the future.

Wide range of uses: including kitchen walls, stove tops, range hoods, countertops, stainless steel, stone surfaces, bathroom wall tiles, etc….Environmentally friendly, energy-saving and time-saving.

One bottle of high-tech nano film is worth five bottles of detergent.,reduceHome CleaningBottles and jars.

High-tech nano-environmental materials to form a polymer coating film for your future cleaning.Save money, save energy, save time, be efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The polymer coating film can also provideSurface Color Enhancementfeatures,enhancesurface brightnessorColor saturation。

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