bBa® Film

Our films are no longer only aesthetically pleasing; they have special functional properties and are high value-added films that do not harm the environment.

The PET substrate is coated with an ultra-durable coating on the surface and a release film structure on the back, which can be used for everything from floors and walls to household goods. Just stick it on the flat surface you want and it will stay clean and increase the durability where you stick it. According to your IDEA, the possibilities of the film are broadened and a new market is created.





Properties: Pollution resistance

Characteristics: Abrasion resistance


Properties: Non-flammable

Properties: Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal

Features: Anti-slip properties

Characteristics: UV Shielding

Properties: Moisture resistance, thermal cycling resistance

Properties: Non-toxic (RoHS compliant)


Product References

bBa® anti-slip membrane for home floors

bBa® anti-slip membrane for home floors

Construction Location: 200 pings of the Dunnam Privy Council House
Construction benefits: allows beautiful furniture to be stain resistant, retain its value, be safe and environmentally friendly to use without fear and trepidation!