NEG® antimicrobial glass powder

Antibacterial powder glass

ZF-0 and DL-7900 are a new type of antimicrobial glass with zinc as its main ingredient. Particularly, DL-7900 has better cost performance than conventional antimicrobial glass, which is mainly composed of silver. It also has the advantage of not discoloring the resin.

(Source: NEG’s official website)

Antibacterial glass powder

ZF-0 and DL-7900 are new antimicrobial glass powders which use lead-acid as the main ingredient. Especially, DL-7900 is a silver-based glass powder with higher cost performance than conventional antibacterial glass powders, and it has resin. The advantage of not discoloring easily.

(Source: Nippon Electric Glass Company website)


Mix with various thermoplastics (PP, PE, PVC, PU…etc.) evenly to achieve antibacterial effect. It does not affect the original process.

Get Certified

1.Japan JIS Z2801 antibacterial certification.

2.Japanese food safety certification.

3.SGS antimicrobial certification.