my story

In 1978, the founder Mr. Li Bingjun founded Dingding Company, which is the parent company of Guobao Company. After decades of hard work, Guobao has become the leading brand of household kitchen supplies and has become a world-famous world brand. 

With the diversification of the business tentacles, Ding Ding has been continually asking itself to do its utmost to provide the highest quality products and services to all partners and customers. Ding Ding has already seen energy when environmental awareness has not been valued. One day it will be limited, so I started to cooperate with world-class manufacturers to represent high-quality and advanced products to supply Taiwan customers, including: NEG special glass raw materials, SANYO solar photovoltaic system, Japan Sanyo Electric SANYO HIT Solar batteries, TOMOSADA (Youding) construction machinery related machinery and parts of Japan Youding Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and as a leader in the industry, engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. 

[Creating a better living environment for future generations] has been the goal of Ding Ding since its establishment, and it is also the starting point of Ding Ding’s product development and design. In recent years, in view of the fact that the cost of acquiring traditional energy sources is getting higher and higher, the price paid by mankind will only increase. Dingding began to act as an agent for energy-saving commodities. In addition to the original solar photovoltaic system, it further promotes new energy management solutions. The heat pump system aims to reduce the consumption of traditional energy and improve the quality of human life, save energy, and green the future.