Invisible Glass™

What is “invisible glass”?

Glass itself is a transparent material that can transmit light.

One can feel the presence of glass by the reflection of its surface.

Since there are 10 to 30 layers of high performance anti-reflection coating on both sides of the glass, the reflection of light can be suppressed to a level that only a small amount of light is reflected. 0.08~0.3%.

NIPPON DENKA NITE’s “invisible glass” is a unique glass made by high performance nano-coating technology.

Experience a new way of looking at glass that “doesn’t seem to exist but does exist”.

The “invisible glass” is coated on both sides of the glass with a high-performance anti-reflective coating that suppresses the reflection of light.

The “invisible glass”, which is invisible to the eye, allows decorations and displays to express themselves freely.

Compared to ordinary glass, which has a visual reflectivity of 4%, “invisible glass” is only about 0.08% – 0.3%.

Invisible Glass™ non-reflective, non-glare viewing of artwork unobstructed

* :: Absorption without glass

** Depending on the substrate used, there is a possibility of light absorption.