Domestic / Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating System

Domestic / Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating System

Heat Pump Principle

Features and Benefits of Heat Pumps

Rapid recovery.
With a heat pump water heating system, since the main source of energy is hot air, it consumes less energy than a conventional water heater for the same amount of water and the same temperature.
The costs involved are.
1/4 of the cost of an electric water heater
1/3 of the cost of a gas water heater
1/2 the cost of a diesel water heater
Best Environmental Equipment.
Does not destroy the ozone layer and uses environmentally friendly refrigerant.
No consumption of natural resources and no pollution.

HP-1000 (1 ton)

HP-1200BP (1.5 tons)

HP-1800WT (2 tons)

By-product “Cold Air”

In the case of 84,000 BTU, it can provide about 4.9 tons of cooling air which saves 4.9 kWh of electricity/H.