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DenizTMNewdon®Anti-Grease Kitchen

NewdonDIYKitchen coating, only one year cost1Hours of time, by yourself.DIYBy doing it yourself, you can help your mom create a more relaxed, time-saving and healthy cooking space. Prevention is better than cure~ The kitchen is now as easy to clean as a car coating, and grease does not attach to it.~Give your mom the most thoughtful gift ever.!

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Product use Q&A

Q1KEY HIGHLIGHTS OF APPLICATION OF “Kitchen Exclusive Coating” by Newdon!

AGull Shield Kitchen Coating is recommended for stone countertops, stone or tile walls, and stainless steel range hoods. Oil stain, anti-rust, and easy to clean effect. Please do not use “Kitchen Coating” for other surfaces such as glass, lacquer, plastic, and metal plates. We have a full range of products, we will launch “Glass Coat” and other related products in the future, please look forward to it.

Q2:Can you apply “Kitchen Coat” to marble or wood tables and desks?

ATo protect the value of your valuable dining table or desk, it is recommended to use one that is durable and antibacterial. The best protective wall film No.3 “Beba”. Click here for Biba products:

Q3:How do I apply “Kitchen Coat”?

AIn view of the fast drying of the coating film, it is recommended to carry out the block.

①30 *30cm Area

②Recommended application time is less than 10 seconds

③Pour “appropriate amount” of OxShield onto the cloth when applying.

④Apply evenly in the same direction.

For details on how to use the product, please refer to the instruction manual in the package or the

Please refer to our DIY tutorial

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