Deniz's Sustainable development

Deniz's Sustainable development


Set the implementation goals for sustainable development. Founded by Deniz, the founder Mr. Li BingJun has taken this as a development. Since 1990, we have continuously set goals for environmental protection. Through the implementation of these goals, our carbon emissions have been greatly reduced, and Deniz has become Leading company to improve life.

Our sustainable development goals and strategies through the following actions:

  • Improve operational
  • Innovation to change life
  • Enriching the community

In response to global challenges, we have formulated goals and plans for the next 10 years, hoping to reflect a better world in the future. The impact of our commitments on many challenges is intertwined, so we set goals for each major challenge. Unless otherwise stated, all goals are global, based on 2015 and ending in 2025.

Invite you to learn more about the plan and to improve every life with us.